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Baseline Data

  • Date

    10 June 2021

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We are pleased to have completed work on the Baseline Data project with Network Rail. This was an excellent, collaborative project to provide tools to assist with comparing and aligning multiple sources of infrastructure and train/traction data within Network Rail.

The baseline data project supports processing of infrastructure data from RailSys, TPS, RINM, Ellipse, SSiFT and NESA data sets. The processing allows some automated improvement of the data as well as allowing the data models to be compared with differences being visualised in a geospatial output. This represents an important step in understanding Network Rail’s infrastructure data as a whole and moving towards a single source of truth.

A secondary stream of the project brings together train/traction data from RailSys, TPS, R2 and VISION to form a complete combined picture of this data in a common format and also supports export to RailSys v10 and v11 formats for relevant data items.

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