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Graffica Rail


Collaborative analysis of the railway using our suite of solutions

Our consultancy services allow us to exercise our interest in the railway and problem solving, collaborating with our clients to scope the analysis required, and analysing the simulation outputs from purpose-built models.


Using our own simulator and associated software gives us great flexibility to target your specific needs.


We work in a transparent and adaptable way, and you are invited!


We are happy doing the regular day-to-day but aren’t afraid to step into the unknown.

Simulation and Modelling

Rapid Model Creation

We believe in our own software so we use it to provide value-added services. Having a suitably accurate model is the starting point for most analytical activities. Our broad range of compatibility with existing models (RailSys, Network Rail open data feeds, SDEF, partial capability with RailML and through our scheme diagram reader) usually means we aren’t starting from scratch. We bring together the most appropriate data sources, often combining them to improve accuracy and relevance.

Our developers are always on-hand to simplify and speed up any complex tasks resulting in rapid model creation and ongoing improvements to our software, leaving more time available for analysis.

Detailed Modelling Analysis

Our rail domain expertise allows us to engage with modelling analysis problems across the board. Using our own simulation software gives us an expert perspective and the flexibility to achieve anything. We take a collaborative and staged approach to results reporting where early, higher level details can help inform later, more detailed and more highly-targeted, analysis.

When looking into cutting-edge situations, the software development and analysis can go hand-in-hand, with each informing and enhancing the other, resulting in shorter delivery times and higher levels of understanding.

Bespoke Developments

Cutting-edge investigations or just something specific in mind? We can help. The HERMES environment is designed with robust innovation at its heart so gives us a great head-start on satisfying bespoke requirements.

Tailored Rail Solutions

Digital Solutions

We readily engage with bespoke software requirements that fall outside simulation and modelling, seeking to deliver tailored IT solutions to enable our clients to overcome their business challenges and we provide ongoing support services as needed. Our values revolve around providing solutions that ultimately improve passenger journeys, increase efficiency, and improve safety and productivity.

We draw upon our multi-disciplined team and a range of technology skills to develop systems, using our proven and flexible Graffica System Development Kit, to provide effective and efficient solutions.

We want to help with your project

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