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Software Solutions

early Development and Evaluation Platform - eDEP

Supporting ATM research and advanced concept validation

EUROCONTROL’s Early Demonstration and Evaluation Platform (eDEP) was one of Graffica’s first development projects undertaken for EUROCONTROL. Graffica developed, maintained, and supported eDEP for EUROCONTROL from its inception in 2002 through to 2022.

It was created to support their simulation and prototyping requirements for a flexible, low-cost, and lightweight simulator platform for research and advanced concept definition within the ATM field. It fulfilled a need for a rapid prototyping, concept validation and demonstrations on either a single workstation or equally across a network for small to medium scale simulation.

Develop and Evaluate
Develop and evaluate concepts through experimentation, demonstration and trials.

Run as a standalone demonstrator or as a network-distributed multi-user and multi-role simulation.

Lightweight hardware requirements and cross-platform capability.


Comprehensive ATM Environment

  • Advanced ATC HMI for controller and pseudo-pilot working positions
  • Advanced flight management
  • Surveillance and monitoring functions
  • Airspace model including navigation aids, airways, sectors, units, airports, runways, and agreements
  • Coordination planning and handover between sectors
  • Realistic aircraft performance and trajectory modelling
  • Conflict detection including STCA, MTCD and Incursion alerting

Research Focused

The requirements of a research and concept validation simulator differ from those for large-scale and pre-ops simulators. eDEP provides the flexibility to easily integrate major new functional elements with minimal redesign and it is highly configurable to make it simple to emulate proposed user displays while retaining real-world ATM fidelity.

eDEP’s implementation makes it easy to run on a single workstation for demonstration purposes, or across a network of workstations for a multi-user simulation experience.

Robust Architecture

The eDEP platform uses the abstract components provided by the GSDK as the foundational software for the functionally rich client-server based air traffic management simulation facility. On top of this, the application layer defines an extensive library of ATM objects including airspace objects, flight objects, trajectories, constraints, tracks, conflicts, and deviations.

This is all written using the Java programming language, enabling eDEP to be run on any platform supporting a Java Virtual Machine, including Windows and Unix operating systems.

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