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Local and Sub-Regional Airspace Management Support System - LARA

The European airspace management system of choice

LARA enables all individual users of airspace to receive the coordinated airspace allocation they need for their activities while simultaneously ensuring wider network performance and safety are not hindered. LARA is developed, supported, and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.


LARA is an airspace management system deployed across Europe designed to promote common situational awareness, enable collaborative decision-making, and increase the efficiency and safety of airspace usage for all users of airspace.

Efficient Coordination

LARA allows airspace users to share information and processes to enable harmonised negotiation between civil and military partners, ensuring the efficient and safe use of airspace. The result of the process is a coordinated and agreed plan for all airspace users.


As a safety-critical system, LARA has achieved a software assurance level of SWAL 3.


Operational Business-to-Business Communication

LARA interfaces directly with the Network Manager, by making use of their B2B web services, to exchange airspace use plans directly from within LARA over a secure connection, eliminating the need to exchange files manually. These plans are then released centrally in a European-wide publication for airspace users.

Simplifying International Coordination

In addition to functioning at the local level, multiple LARA installations can be securely networked together to enable regional collaboration and promote seamless cross-border operations. This simplifies management of cross-border airspace into standard local processes and gives flexibility for the users of this airspace.

Ready to Connect

LARA implements several interfaces for external access to its data in order integrate with a wide variety of systems.

An FMTP-based API exists to feed real-time airspace activation data to air traffic control screens to inform on which airspace is in use. A substantial REST interface enables web-based clients to be served. LARA makes use of B2B SOAP services, both exposing its own as a server and utilising NM’s as a client, for the exchange of operational data. Various types of data can also be exported and/or imported via files.

Operational Across Europe

LARA is currently operational 24/7 in several countries across Europe including Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

The current status of deployment can be seen at A EUROCONTROL brochure is available here which provides more detail on the operational background and the system’s capabilities.

Used by

The Benefits of LARA

  • Increasing the amount of aircraft that can safely be in the air at the same time
  • Reducing the number and length of diversions
  • Improving controller workloads
  • Minimising delays and overall journey times
  • Lowering pollution
  • Fuel savings and other cost reductions

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