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Software Solutions

Infrastructure Design Tools - IDEF

Creating a comprehensive environment for infrastructure design

Provides a centralised, version-controlled repository for infrastructure data. An open API allows access to the data in multiple formats as well as data management such as model merging. An integrated design environment brings together signalling design related tools including our own innovative signal generation tool.

Unifying Environment

Designed to bring together tools and data in an environment where users can stay focused on their task.


Offers an environment that can be used by a broad set of tools and with differing data requirements.


Reduces the overhead of maintaining systems compatibility to a single point of contact.


Data Hub

The data hub provides a common data environment where the data model itself is format-agnostic but capable of being delivered in whatever format is needed. The data elements stored are based on those used in SDEF, which Network Rail have defined to include details of all systems used by them that model infrastructure data.

All data is placed under revision control and supports a review and approval process to sign-off changes. A common model allows common validation performed at a single point combined with the value that disparate models provide, which now become trivially comparable. Data and the control of that data is made readily available through a modern REST API.

Design Hub

A central integrated environment brings together data and tools, linking to the data hub to provide the necessary data and provide an integration capability to a broad set of tools. The current toolset focuses on signalling design and uses several of the tools developed by Network Rail SIG team.

The design hub supports comparison between different revisions of a model, which includes a basic report on the validity of the associated signal layout. Additionally, a review process is supported through which a model is given an approved version number.

Signal Generator Tool

This tool integrates into the design hub environment to perform automated signalling layout amendments. It can complete a new signal layout where one does not exist or amend an existing layout in line with new requirements. Signal placement is compliant with various codes of practice. An estimated 80% of the placement rules have been accommodated in the current proof-of-concept.

Signal generation is performed by either an iterative algorithm, following a process aligned to the traditional signalling engineer process, or a generative algorithm using AI techniques. Having the ability to generate layouts in seconds enables exploring design options that would otherwise take up too much time, and also facilities greater interactivity during multi-disciplinary discussions.

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