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Software Solutions


LARA data KPI-ready

The LARA PRISMIL Client (LPC) converts historical LARA data into a consumable form for EUROCONTROL’s KPI systems.  The LPC is developed, supported, and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.


The LPC simply connects to the LARA historical data services and can begin generating the information to push into PRISMIL.

Ready for Validation

The generated aggregate data is ready to be validated by EUROCONTROL’s PRISMIL validation tools.

Custom Reports

A range of settings lets users make reports to suit them.


Aggregating Data for Performance Analysis

The LPC is a go-between for LARA historical data and PRISMIL, the pan-European repository of information supporting civil-military key performance indicators (KPIs). The LPC connects directly to the LARA historical services after operations, using SOAP technology, and translates its data model and information into the form required by PRISMIL. This allows civil/military planning and coordination and to be compared with actual airspace use at the national and regional level, enabling KPIs to be derived on demand, utilisation, impact and effectiveness. This information can then be used to inform processes, procedures and strategic decision-making.

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