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Graffica Rail

Innovating solutions for the next generation of railways

We have combined a proficiency in software design with a deep understanding of the railway domain to help to analyse and solve railway challenges. This combined ability empowers the team to seek insights into railway systems and operations that, when coupled with customer expertise and vision, can bring about step changes in railway systems delivery.

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What makes us special

Focus on Flexibility

Graffica have designed and developed a Network Rail verified, high-fidelity simulator (HERMES) which gives us a great platform to rapidly innovate from. Exploring situations in a virtual simulated environment is much cheaper and safer than doing it in the real world.

Our motivated and adaptive teams are exploring today’s network and tomorrow’s technologies, bringing insights and understanding that help deliver a brighter future for the railways.


We have a broad base of knowledge in the rail industry and draw on similarities in the airspace domains to widen our thinking. Our domain knowledge is evident in all that we do, both in the software solutions we create and the many simulation modelling and analysis projects we undertake.

We use our own simulator for modelling projects of all sizes creating a virtuous cycle of constant improvement.

The Big Picture

Solve large and complex problems often involves multiple solutions and multiple stakeholders, so it is a necessity to play well with others.

We are capable integrators who promote commonality and interoperability between systems. We are also keen collaborators, understanding that working with others can produce results that are more than the sum of the parts.

The Little Picture

It’s not all about big complex problems. Our day-to-day work is often made up of discrete bespoke developments and small simulation modelling and analysis projects.

Attention to detail and reaching successful outcomes are key to all that we do.

Rail Solutions

HERMES Simulator

Our high-fidelity microscopic simulator (HERMES) provides a great base to digitally explore rail challenges. With HERMES you can design and evaluate infrastructure, timetables and technology to identify opportunities or issues and find the right solution. Verified by Network Rail to be both highly accurate and highly suitable across a range of functions, you can have confidence in the results.

Give us a call to try out our simulator or, if you would rather we do it for you, see our services section – we like HERMES so much we use it on the modelling work we do ourselves!

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We are here to help with anything related to modelling, simulations, and analysis. Expect expert service, a collaborative approach and a quick turnaround, and you won’t be disappointed.

Using our own highly respected simulator gives us incredible flexibility to produce the results you seek. If you know what you need, we can deliver it. If your requirements are around innovation and working in unknown territories, then give us a call and together we can explore the art of the possible.

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We want to help with your project

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