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Airport Collaborative Decision Making - ACDM

Improving airport operations through collaborative information sharing

Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM) aims at improving the overall efficiency of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and improving the predictability of events. Graffica joined a consortium with Altys Technologies, ENAC and EUROCONTROL in an Exploratory Research project called ENVISION, funded by the SESAR JU.

ENVISION is an ATM application-orientated research project making use of CCTV cameras, LiDAR technology and image processing techniques to provide a safe and affordable surface movement surveillance capability. Graffica’s contribution is to develop a low-cost web-enabled application targeted at small and regional airports to allow them to make use of, and contribute to, the A-CDM information-sharing network.

Shared Common Data
A single and common set of information contributed by, and provided to, numerous partners.


Coherent and Accurate
Information continually monitored for consistency and accuracy.

Highly Accessible
Information is available where it is needed on affordable devices.


Collaborative Information

A core concept of A-CDM is the provision of a single common set of information that is contributed to, and shared by, numerous partners – air traffic control, network management, airport operations, operators and their handling staff, as well as other service providers at the airport.

Timely and accurate information increases predictability and can be of significant benefit for all airport and network operations; it raises both productivity and cost-efficiency.

Real-Time Updates

The ENVISION A-CDM platform provides an application server connected to the ENVISION Data Fusion module to retrieve surveillance data and progress events. It is also connected to Network Manager Operations Centre, using their B2B web services to receive flight updates and to post milestone events detected or input at the local airport to the CDM network.

Flight information is continually monitored for incoherency or inadequacy in the time estimations and/or the associated flight status. Alerts are triggered and displayed in the user interfaces so that appropriate actions may be taken to resolve and provide accurate and coherent information.

Browser-Based Interface

Information is presented as web pages, making it easily accessible and available across locations. The pages are customised to the viewer’s role and privileges, and the information provided includes:

  • The latest flight information, including live updates to the estimated or actual landing, in-block, off-block and take-off times.
  • A zoomable map indicating aircraft positions and movements at or near the airfield.
  • The profile of a selected flight’s progress, indicating the current phase of the flight and key flight times for the turnaround of the aircraft.
  • Local information from the airport, such as weather and airport notices.

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