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Software Solutions

Integrated Tower Working Position - ITWP

Supporting concept validation into A-SMGCS functions

The Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) application was developed by Graffica, under EUROCONTROL’s guidance and to their specification, to provide a simulator that demonstrates a possible HMI solution for a modern Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS). It provides a platform that supports their development, testing and validation of the functional specification, human factors, and safety requirements for key functions of an A-SMGCS.


An airport simulator to model aircraft and vehicles as they arrive at the airport, manoeuvre around the airfield, and then depart.

Prototype and Validate

Prototyping tool for concept development and validation of system requirements.

Live and Shadow Trials

An open architecture facilitating connections with third-party systems and live surveillance feeds.


Prototyping and Validation

ITWP was iteratively developed over a number of years to prototype and validate concepts and demonstrate EUROCONTROL’s vision of what an Advanced Controller Working Position could or should be.

Periodic workshops and full validation exercises with current Airport Tower Controllers serve to perform sequences of simulations allowing metrics to be captured and opinions on the utility and usability of proposed HMI, and how it supports controllers in maintaining situational awareness.

Concepts into Reality

With the ITWP application being built using the GSDK’s service-based architecture, it is highly adaptable for use in demonstrating and validating industry prototypes.

Key system components can be ‘removed’ and either replaced or used alongside prototype commercial components developed by other parties.

Live and Shadow Trials

Trials performed at Riga International Airport permitted the ITWP and prototype HMI to be connected to the airport’s live surveillance for ‘shadow mode’ trials, with controllers replicating live clearances and instructions in ITWP, by listening to the live voice transmissions between the active controllers in the tower and the pilots in arriving or departing aircraft.

Additionally, connections with the airport’s ground lighting systems enabled the airport stop bars and taxiway centre line lighting to be controlled by the ITWP Guidance component to demonstrate and test “Follow the Greens” guidance and junction deconfliction.

Looking Forwards

Since its inception in 2006, ITWP has been actively used from the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub (EIH) premises just outside of Paris.

It continues to be developed for new and ongoing research projects for the Single European Sky ATM Research program (SESAR) and for bespoke research projects for individual air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airports.

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