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External Data Quality Tool - EDQ

Airspace data, refined

EDQ consumes and digests European airspace data to produce manageable tailored data sets for individual users. EDQ is developed, supported, and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.

Fit-for-Purpose Data

EDQ takes the complication out of the European picture. Each user manages their own data which is seamlessly unified with neighbouring countries.

Standards and Extensions

Data is made available in the AIXM standard. A flexible Excel format is also available for simple fine-tuning.


Built on REST technologies, the EDQ tool can service end-users and applications directly.


Data-Driven Operations

EDQ, also known as the External Data Quality Tool, is an intermediary between the Network Manager (NM) and consumers of airspace information. It provides airspace data for LARA and other systems in AIXM format through its web interface and REST services.

EDQ is deployed centrally within EUROCONTROL and run as a service by Graffica who also develop, support and maintain the software.

Refining Data and Making it Relevant

Through their B2B services, NM provide all European airspace data to be used by external systems. However, as LARA is a local or regional tool, only a specific subset of airspace is of interest for any given installation. EDQ takes the daily European updates and pre-processes the data to create tailored information for disparate LARA systems, as well as any other tool which works from similar data, such as CIMACT.

Each day, EDQ automatically detects data changes of interest to each user and notifies them to update their local systems only when necessary, reducing workload while ensuring data accuracy.

Clear and Intuitive

EDQ is a web-application providing a simple and intuitive interface for users to view, filter and download their data. It highlights any manual changes to data ownership so that cross-border airspace can be appropriately managed on all sides.

Layer controls and filters allow the user to home in on their region of interest and customise their data before download. Modifications are saved, minimising the work required to keep external systems up to date.

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