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Software Solutions

Radar Skills Trainer

Web-enabled training package for the student controllers

The Radar Skills Trainer (RST) has been developed for and in partnership with the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre (ALC) and demonstrates how Graffica can produce novel and bespoke web ready training software. It has been in use in over 27 countries, including France, Germany and the UK.


Assessing the capability and aptitude of students as the acquire new skills.


Customised scenarios for each stage of training.


Replay and review for instructor-based feedback.


Air Traffic Control Training

The RST was originally developed to assess the capability and aptitude for air traffic control (ATC) of new ATC students and provides a means for them to practice basic skills such as situational awareness, vectoring aircraft, anticipating the influence of weather and communicating with pilots. Their attempts are captured and can then be replayed for instructor-based feedback.

Course Management

The RST simulator and scenarios for the simulator are managed through the Course Management System in a web browser. Instructors create training scenarios making them more or less complex as required, such as adding more airspace or traffic features, including weather patterns such as storms or wind, or increasing pilot indecision by using random delays in the execution of orders.

Controller and Pilot Interaction

The interactive simulator system provides a Pilot Working Position (PWP) and a Controller Working Position (CWP) on separate machines on a network. The CWP displays information such as aircraft positions and their details, flight paths and restricted airspace. This information allows the controller to then provide instructions to the pilot in the PWP.

Assessment and Feedback

Students are provided with a set of global objectives to be achieved during an interactive session. The entire performance of the student can be recorded and stored in the database for later debriefing with an instructor, with the session being replayed using an interactive replay tool. Students see a record of their progress and identify areas for improvement.

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