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Software Solutions

Tower 3D View

Dynamic 3D airport views

Graffica’s Tower 3D application has been developed to provide a dynamic 3D view of an airport environment and to display aircraft and vehicles as they move around the airfield, take-off, and land.

It has been extensively used to support simulation and concept validation exercises, driven by third-party simulators, by providing realism through external views from the air traffic control tower and from the cockpit.

Open Interfaces

Open interfaces provide the means to integrate with your simulators and control systems.


Extensible through third-party plug-ins and industry standard model formats.

Multiple Display Instances

Supports multiple simultaneous display instances using affordable hardware platforms.

Multiple 3D Views

Multiple 3D Views

A scalable architecture providing multiple and simultaneous views, including a complete 360-degree view from the control tower, views from multiple static camera positions around the airfield, and from dynamically moving positions such as the cockpit or the vehicle viewpoint.

A control centre application provides the means to configure and manage the 3D views over groups of monitors and to control elements such as weather and lighting effects.

Extendable Features

3D views are rendered and displayed using the Unity graphics engine and are therefore supported on a wide range of hardware platforms. Its plug-in architecture is widely supported by a thriving third-party developer community which provides a wide variety of affordable models, textures, materials, and additional functionality via the Unity Asset Store, all of which can be easily integrated into the product.

Where there are specific model or functional requirements, we can assist you in creating or commissioning bespoke models and features for your needs.

Open Application Interfaces

An open application programming interface provides a means to integrate with existing ATM and ASM simulator systems to control aircraft and vehicle movements, and to dynamically change any ground lighting and weather effects in real-time within the simulation.

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