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Software Solutions

HERMES Driver View - HERMES 3D

Bringing full model high accuracy simulation to the 3D space

Provides a 3D simulation environment connected to a running HERMES simulation with an interface to select and drive one of the running trains in the simulation.


Driven from a realistic driving controller using an ERTMS style DMI that includes AWS and TPWS features.

Reliable and Accurate

Uses real infrastructure data running on a high-fidelity simulator and is based on the established Unity gaming platform.

Available Hardware

Runs on easily available and inexpensive desktop PCs.


Really Simulated

Our 3D environment uses real infrastructure details that are accurately located and run from the HERMES high-fidelity simulator so you can be sure it feels real. Expect to see all the track-side equipment that guide a driver, including conventional or ETCS signals, as well as the surroundings such as bridges, overhead power lines, gradients and local landmarks. To add to the realism of the experience, we also model weather features such as fog and solar glare.

HERMES 3D offers a great platform for human factors experiments, supports concept evaluation, and can be used for driver training.

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