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Graffica Air

Software Solutions


The EUROCONTROL early Development and Evaluation Platform is designed to be a low-cost, lightweight and web-enabled ATM simulator platform, offering an ideal environment for research and advanced concept projects, rapid prototyping, validation and demonstration applications.

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The Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) application is a simulator demonstrating a potential modern HMI for an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System developed by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.

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Tower 3D

Tower 3D is Graffica’s three-dimensional airport environment. Driven by ITWP or external third-party systems, it supports simulation and concept validation through display of aircraft and other vehicles in motion around the airport.

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LARA is a distributed airspace management support system promoting flexible use of airspace through collaborative decision-making and common situational awareness. It is developed and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.

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EDQ is a web application responsible for processing European airspace data centrally in order to create custom state-level data sets. EDQ is developed, supported, and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.

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The LARA PRISMIL Client (LPC) serves as an interface between historical LARA data and EUROCONTROL’s KPI systems, enabling the generation of airspace usage statistics. The LPC is developed, supported, and maintained by Graffica for EUROCONTROL.

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The Radar Skills Trainer (RST) is a web-ready ab initio air traffic controller training system developed for the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre (ALC).

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CIMACT is a EUROCONTROL application combining various data sources into a combined air situation display, enhancing situational awareness and civil-military coordination. Graffica is responsible for developing and supporting the CIMACT Controller Working Position.

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Graffica is involved in Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM) initiatives which are aimed at improving the efficiency and resilience of airport operations by promoting collaboration between airport operators, aircraft operators, ground handlers, air traffic control and the Network Manager. This is supported by the provision of systems to enable the exchange of relevant, accurate and timely information between stakeholders.

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