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Graffica Air


Creating software solutions with you and for you

Our team of experienced analysts and developers are well-versed and have a proven track record for creating software solutions for researching, prototyping and validating future systems and concepts, as well as implementing operational systems.


Working with you to deliver your vision.


Adapting and responding to your changing needs.


Working together and achieving more.



Graffica systems built on the GSDK offer the ideal vehicle for prototyping ideas and concepts. Before buying a new system or tendering for significant and potentially costly new contracts, Graffica can:

  • Test and refine conceptual or detailed requirements on our simulation platforms.
  • Emulate the functionality and user display requirements of the proposed system.
  • Provide a system for technical, human factors and operational users to evaluate future concepts.
  • Eliminate the costs associated with prototyping on an operational system.


Graffica’s simulation platforms can support your R&D needs for concept evaluation, experimentation, demonstration, and trials.  Their lightweight nature makes the systems easy to configure and deploy, even across a network.

The platforms are architected to readily support integration with a wide range of third-party systems such as live surveillance, third-party simulators and prototype applications, through a variety of industry standard interfaces.

Operational Systems

Graffica-created systems are being used by many European member states to support their airspace management and air traffic coordination needs.

To guarantee safety and efficiency of air traffic operations, maximum system operability needs to be guaranteed. Our GSDK, development processes and operational systems have undergone software safety audits and testing for operational use and have successfully achieved the required software assurance level, SWAL 3.

We want to help with your project

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