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Software Solutions

Scheme Diagram Reader - GSDR

Transform scheme plan drawings into digital understanding

Offers a capability to parse and understand a scheme diagram in CAD exported PDF format.

Available Now

Used by Network Rail for business as usual.


79% accuracy achieved against sample set of diagrams.


Projected by Network Rail to free up 5,500 hours of highly skilled time per year across a team of 35.


Flexible Parsing

A simple user interface allows you to select what you are interested in extracting. Use the cropping tool to select areas of the diagram to include or exclude and select which colour overlays you want to process.

The scheme diagram has the main focus allowing panning and zooming so you always know where you are and can directly relate all operations to the visual representation. The parsing process itself is quick, typically taking around a minute to complete.


The parsing process produces a set of tables that show all the details identified for each element on the diagram. Table entries are linked to their visual representations so clicking one will move the image to the associated element and vice versa, making it easy to verify the results for an individual entry.

The data tables support sorting which helps to identify any anomalous or missing values, which can then be easily edited prior to export. The solution can also hide the visual elements that were associated with an element or not. This helps to check that all elements that should be found have been and that no visual elements have been incorrectly understood.


A flexible set of exports is provided with the solution. A data dump of the entire contents to a multi-tabbed Excel file provides general integration with other systems and allows post-processing. A similar export is used to update VISION models with content aligned to match the VISION VCN table format.

RailSys integration allows a new RailSys model to be created, an area within an existing RailSys model to be replaced, or for an existing model to be updated based on the diagram content. The update option applies the scheme diagram content as removals and additions based on colour. The model produced is compatible with being imported into our HERMES simulator.

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