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TWR3D delivered to EUROCONTROL

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    27 February 2018

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Graffica is pleased to report that our Tower 3D platform (TWR3D) has been delivered for use as part of EUROCONTROL’s Airport Control Tower simulation platform in Brétigny.

Tower 3D is now installed in two Labs at EUROCONTROL, and is currently being used to provide displays of up to 180° view of a range of airport environments. The 3D displays are supporting EUROCONTROL’s research, development, and testing of ground control procedures. Simulations planned this year include SESAR validation research on Integrated Surface Management and Airport Safety Net concepts.

Version 2.0 of Graffica’s Tower 3D airport visualisation software includes several improvements over the version previously used by EUROCONTROL to support SESAR validations back in 2015. This includes improvements to the visual display, performance improvements, and a new set of tools for managing simulation configurations, camera’s, and controlling the airport ground lights. 

The Tower 3D software has been integrated with the Pitch HLA platform used by EUROCONTROL to coordinate simulation communication. The HLA connection allows it to receive data from both the ESCAPE simulation platform (for airborne traffic), and the ITWP simulation platform also developed for EUROCONTROL by Graffica (for ground traffic).  

EUROCONTROL’s Tower 3D installation currently supports Budapest, Copenhagen, Paris Charles De Gaulle, and Vienna airport environments as well as many different aircraft with associated liveries. 

Graffica’s Tower 3D platform provides the following features: 

  • Support for multiple 3D clients providing view angles up to 360°.
  • Support for multiple views of the same simulation environment on different 3D clients groups, for example with a main view of the airport for controllers and a separate view for pilots.
  • Integration with EUROCONTROL’s Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) research simulation platform. 
  • Integration with HLA Run-Time Infrastructure as part of larger simulation platforms. 
  • Provides a simple public interface using web services, allowing easy integration with other external simulation platforms as required. 
  • Weather effects including Cloud cover, Rain, Snow and Fog. 

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