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    7 June 2010

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How Graffica helped develop a Europe-wide ASM concept

Graffica began work on a GSDK-based demonstrator for the Local and Regional Airspace management Tool (LARAT) project in September 2007. The demonstrator was to provide a vehicle to help develop the concept of Europe-wide airspace management that was to become the LARA project.

Graffica developed a fully distributed demonstrator from scratch within four months, and it was available for a demonstration in mid-January 2008. The simulator ran twelve positions, covering the airspace of three nations, and including a consolidated MILO position showing a combined picture of all airspace reservations.

The test platform ran on a local network of PCs, with a single server distributing airspace definitions to the clients and allowing airspace to be reserved from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The prototype included tools that presented reserved airspace to the user in the form of a Gantt chart and a tool that visualised the planned airspace activations scheduled over the next 24 hours and showed which air traffic routes could be opened for general air traffic between the airspace activations.

Graffica’s commitment to the LARAT project was further demonstrated by a consolidation of the system requirements when Graffica showed its ability to support the technical aspects of operational system specification as well as providing support to trials with both civil and military users in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

Simultaneously, Graffica continued to develop and adapt the demonstrator HMI to support the evolving concept requirements.

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