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Case Studies


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    1 February 2007

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How Graffica helped optimise flights between Europe and North America

NATS has constant demands to optimise the SHANWICK region of the Oceanic airspace for transatlantic flights between Europe and North America.

To meet this need Graffica rapidly evolved the GSDK-based ATM simulation platform and HMI to produce a functional emulation of SAATS (SHANWICK Automated Air Traffic System) for concept evaluation. This included developing a representative emulation of the SAATS HMI.

The project then implemented the Improved Vertical Profiles (IVP) concept which had the objective of providing positive responses to pilot requests for climbs to ensure more efficient fuel consumption. Pilot climb requests were displayed on the HMI to indicate whether the requested climb, or any intermediate climb level, could be achieved without conflict.

The system then notified the controller when the climb could be made. Graffica completed the entire project in around six months.

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